Volumising Mousse

December 20, 2021

Volumising Mousse

Mousse...maligned and misunderstood. We blame its upbringing.

Right officer. What’s the charge sheet? Aiding and abetting the styling of mullets. Conspiring with perms to cause 1980s hairstyle malfunctions such as the Scrunch and the Kevin Keegan. Complicit in the aggravated assault of hairstyles, causing emotional harm to the wearer when reviewing old photos…

When mousse was invented in the early 80s it swept the world. Most of the versions that came to market weren’t great. They left the hair sticky, hard or brittle. But it was novel and the best ones were an essential tool in the stylist’s kit. Unlike setting lotion, mousse had conditioners in to give a better feel along with the hold.

Come the 1990s and the widespread use of flat irons, that curly perm association was simply unforgiveable, and mousse lost its fame and popularity. But only in the mainstream. The great professional hairdressers around the world never abandoned this product because it works brilliantly across so many hair types and styles. Short, long, straight, or wavy.

When we first launched our 3’’’More Inches range in America, there were only six products. We gave a two-year exclusive to all the Space NK stores out in the USA. The buyer didn’t want to take the mousse. “That’s an ‘80s product” she said in a sniffy New Yorker tone. “It’s really not.” I countered. “Let me show you and explain when I fly out next week.”

I travelled to New York for the launch and five days of press events. I was also styling the hair of top magazine editors to show them our London hairdressing skills and the heritage behind the range. I took one of the two biggest corner suites at Soho House which was perfect for a pop-up salon and comfortable for the beauty editors and assistants. Sadly these 1100 sq.ft. suites are no more, as they divided each into three smaller rooms a few years ago.

By complete coincidence, Glamour magazine ran a seven-page story on hair mousse which came out just as I arrived. This article was interviewing the top American stylists all saying that they never stopped using mousse. Aha!! I gleefully flung the magazine down in front of the Space NK buyer. Actually, nothing so dramatic. She’d seen it as well and understood that a fashion revival was underway for mousse. They agreed to stock our Volumising Mousse too.

What it is
Our Volumising Mousse is a professional styling product for maximizing volume and control whilst conditioning hair to feel healthy and natural.

What it does
Volumising Mousse thickens fine hair and smoothes coarse hair. It moisturises the rougher mid-lengths and ends to promote flexibility and shine.

What you see & feel
Instantly your hair will feel thicker, and stronger with healthy movement and shine. A natural flexible volume, easier styling, and richer vibrant colour. It doesn’t leave hair sticky, brittle or stiff, like other mousses you may remember.

Application tips
Apply an egg size of Volumising Mousse to damp mid lengths and ends. More for very long or thick hair. Comb through thoroughly and style. Use sparingly on dry hair to revive styles.

Works well with
- Thicker Quicker – For double thickness, use Thicker Quicker on the floppy roots and Volumising Mousse to smooth and thicken the coarser mid-lengths and ends. Together each balances out the different texture in the hair for maximum volume, smooth texture, and radiant shine.
- LifeSaver UV – for natural beachy waves with extra hold, combine both in the hand and apply to hair.

Amazing ingredients
Cashmere protein and plant extracts help protect the hair from heat styling. Wheat proteins strengthen and moisturise.

 Michael Van Clarke

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