Why doesn't your hair have the same health, resilience and strength from root to tip?

Most people have healthy hair at the roots but can't grow healthy hair to the length they want. Modern lifestyles; heat styling, colouring, silicone-rich products, sun, sea, UV light - all damage and age the hair shaft. This thin dry brittle hair then splits or snaps under pressure. People think that they just have 'bad hair'. Not true.

So much choice

There are 1000s of products to choose from and many will make your hair look nice today. But most rely on silicones or plasticisers to give that smooth shiny effect.

We don't don’t like the long term effects of silicone in hair. We prefer to achieve naturally beautiful healthy shiny hair today but with protection for tomorrow and next week and next year. So you can reconnect with the healthy hair you probably forgot you had.

Why silicone is bad for your hair

Your hair may feel better - softer, more manageable - but in reality it is a fake better. Silicone actually makes the problem even worse because it sucks vital moisture out of the hair shaft. So most haircare is the opposite of 'care' it is destroying the health of your hair.

Water is a source of life and vitality. As we age our bodies are less able to hold water so our skin sags, our bones become brittle, our hair thin and frizzy.

Most silicones are hydrophobic which means they repel water, In your body it will displace water and push it away. When it does this in hair, the very precious moisture content of just 3% is reduced and the protein bonds that make up 97% of hair become less stable and more liable to break.

This accelerates the wasting away of the hair shaft which people associate with thin hair, lank lifeless hair, dull frizzy hair, faded hair, difficult to manage hair, hair that doesn't stay in style. All the things people don't want. But given this, the quickest cosmetic solution guessed it, more silicone.

The Solution

Healthcare for Hair®

Van Clarke is the only hair care range on the market that radically improves the health, strength and beauty of your hair, from root to tip.

It is totally Silicone Free. Packed with cashmere proteins, amino acids and UV protectors it will transform dry frizzy unmanageable, weak-feeling hair into smooth, strong, resilient hair that shines with health.

It works by reinforcing the protein building blocks of every strand, repairing the damage caused by daily life, so you can grow your hair exactly how you want to.

Suitable for all hair types, because everyone wants healthy strong hair and our natural science approach works for every kind of hair.

  • The Science

The Science

Hair is a complex structure of 97% proteins and 3% water. If the natural moisture level declines below its 3% norm, the hair becomes less flexible and more liable to damage.

Once hair grows out of the scalp it is no longer part of the living tissue and so cannot repair itself. From here it starts to suffer the wear and tear of everyday living - UV light, aggressive heat styling, poor quality products, seawater, chlorine, hair colourants and other chemical processes.

These cause damage to the surface and interior. As the molecular bonds start to break down, the structure begins to leach away. The more protein bonds that are lost, the less able the hair is to hold moisture, and the more brittle it becomes. This accelerates the loss of protein molecules and so the degenerative cycle speeds up. The cuticle lifts away making the hair feel rough, dull and difficult to comb. Hair continues to age rapidly.