Lockdown! - What About My Fringe?

December 14, 2021

Lockdown! - What About My Fringe?

Whilst fringes look simple to cut, they are notoriously difficult to get right. And as more and more comes off trying to correct the errors, an unintended 'suicide fringe' may be the outcome.

So it could be a good time to give some thought to life without a fringe. And as so much of this modern era has been retro, it may now be time for some hippy and glam rock hairstyles of the 60s and 70s.

But if you really need to tame a fringe, don’t go rogue with the kitchen scissors. Hairdressing scissors are very sharp and finely balanced to cut through the tough substance of hair. Kitchen and dressmaking scissors don’t come close and easily slip whilst trying to slice through the strands. Try to source proper hairdressing scissors.

Another way to extend the life of haircuts without having to blowdry harder for less effect is to change the style.

Here are some ideas

1. Grow out your Fringe

It may be as simple as growing out a fringe which is usually only difficult for a month or two. LifeSaver UV* Leave-in Styling Treatment is a great way to keep hair back off the face while growing out fringes.

Your hair will either get bigger or longer as it grows, depending on length and texture. If it’s getting bigger (men’s short hair particularly) most hair will start to come down as it gets weightier after a few months. To control it, make sure the hair dries flat before it’s had time to expand.

Apply LifeSaver UV* Leave-in Styling Treatment to wet hair, comb it through then leave it to dry naturally. Only once it’s dry you can run your hands through. The LifeSaver UV* would have held the hair smoother and flatter while it dried and you’ll have had a silky treatment too.

2. Practice a variety of soft plaits

3. Embrace the hippy in you

4. Try the Messy Buns

For this new take on a traditional style, slightly dirty hair is helpful. Apply some 3’’’More Inches LifeSaver UV Spray for protection and texture. Secure two loose ponytails high up on the back of your head, (plaiting them upward optional) ruffle up with a wide-tooth comb to create some volume, then twist the ponytail around with your fingers and secure in place around the hair tie with hair pins. Give your head a quick spritz with 3’’’More Inches Holding Spray to keep the buns in place.

5. Change your parting and make it more distinct

Try moving to the centre or a very low side part.

6. Go Wavy

Take a weft of hair and twist it. Twist a few tissues together and use them like a roller. Wrap the weft of hair around and tie the tissue. Repeat through the rest of the hair. In Victorian times they did this with rags. No rush now to apply heat to set styles, put the rollers in and leave for hours to set naturally into a wavy look. Or if you have slightly wavy to curly hair just damp with LifeSaver UV* Leave-in Styling Treatment for smooth beachy waves.

7. Play with updos

Find some hair accessories you like and wear hair up more often. If the ends of the hair get bad, wrap them inside the chignons, out of sight. Better still, protect with Ten Second Transformation to add lustre and body too.

8. Stay Fit

Follow Gaby’s Lockdown Fitness Programme too and you’ll have surfer hair and a ripped body by the summer.

 Michael Van Clarke

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